Parks Inner Child Therapy

What is PICT?

PICT (Parks Inner Child Therapy) is the original, fully-comprehensive Inner Child therapy model developed by child abuse expert Penny Parks. It has foundations in Transactional Analysis and is a visualisation-based talking therapy model, designed for the gentle and rapid resolution of emotional problems and unwanted behaviours.

The unique benefits of Park Inner Child Therapy

  • PICT utilises gentle visualisation and imagery to create rapid, lasting change.
  • PICT provides a much more dignified experience than other traditional therapies. The client does not need to talk about details of traumatic events and so can work quickly and comfortably towards resolution.
  • PICT guides the client instead of dictating. It offers a directional and flexible structure with bespoke sessions tailored to meet individual requirements.
  • PICT was born from experience, rather than simply theory. It is the acclaimed result of Penny Parks successfully overcoming her own childhood experiences, leading her to subsequently create the revolutionary PICT model.
  • PICT offers measurable results. Clients’ desired outcomes are clearly identified from the outset and thoroughly reviewed to ensure that sustainable, positive results are achieved.

Parks Inner Child Therapy can be effective for many issues and is suitable for those seeking comfortable and rapid resolution for emotional problems or unwanted behaviours.

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